The Gotts are the descendants of the Skylds of Dereland who relocated to the southeastern corner of the Half-Continent during the Volkammerung after being evicted from their homeland by the Hagenards. They brought with them the tradition of chemical mastery in the yrrphethäls, which they came to call rhubezhals, but who are now known as skolds in other lands. Their language is also known as Gott or Skyldic and is equivalent to real world German.

The Gotts remain preeminent in training skolds, though as teratologists these have been surpassed by the lahzarine products of neighboring Sinster. Having joined with the uncivilized inhabitants of this region, the Skylds formed the Gott Empire to resist the encroachment of the Tutelarchs and Tutins in the form of the Sceptic Empire. Though there have been contests between the two neither has gained supremacy, and the Haacobins have developed a wary respect for the Sigismundians.


  • The story of the Gotts is somewhat similar to that of the ancient Geats from the epic Beowulf and the history of the Goths both in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

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