Part of Half-Continent
Type Plain
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Foundling explicarium. Foundling mini
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Lamplighter explicarium. Lamplighter mini

The Grassmeer is a large plain that seperates the Haacobin Empire into northern and southern sections linked by the Conduit Felix. The eastern section is known as the Ager Magnus while the western is the Solum Magnus, divided by the conduit. The Ager Magnus contains the ruined kingdom of Samé.

From its name it can be surmised that the Grassmeer is a steppe-like region. It is believed to be in the grip of threwd of the worst kind, pernicious threwd.


Grasmere is a lake and also a village in the English Lake District. From the use of the word "mere" to describe bodies of water both in the real world and on Half Continent maps, Grassmeer can be assumed to mean "Sea of Grass."

Ager Magnus and Ager Magnus can be translated from Latin as "great land."

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