Greater Derehund
A Greater Derehund.
Affiliations Various
Type Fighting dog
Master Various
Unique traits Large size
Appearances Lamplighter

Greater Derehunds are one of the larger breeds of tykehounds, able to grow as large as a donkey. They have brindled hindquarters, blunt squarish snouts, and small, sharply pointed ears. The breed originates from the Derelands, where for centuries they have defended their human masters and terrorized their monster prey. Greater Derehunds are used by the lamplighters and as combatants in the rousing-pits, where they either fight against each other (dogging) or against monsters (hob-rousing). Skarfithin was a Greater Derehund.

Trivia Edit

In swedish, danish and norwegian "hund" simply means dog or hound.

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