Sackhead, a jackstraw.
Affiliations Various
Type Manmade monster
Stance towards everyman Hostile
Unique traits Various depending on the type.
Notable examples Hogshead rever-man
Winstermill rever-man
Appearances Trilogy

A gudgeon is any artificial or man-made monster. It may be comprised of human, animal, monster or inorganic parts, and frequently a combination of these. In some countries north of the Marrow, a type of gudgeon called bolbolgis are used as weapons of war. In the Haacobin Empire they are more likely to be found in hob-rousing pits, as substitutes for guard-dogs, and even as assassins.

In the Haacobin Empire the creation of gudgeons is illegal, though ironically ownership of one is not.


  • Bolbogis: Powerful biological weapons of war, bred and used by nations north of the Marrow, such as the Turkmantine Empire.
  • Jackstraws: One the more sophisticated types of gudgeons, resembling zombie-like scarecrows. They can be mentally controlled by a sciomane in a manner similar to witting.
  • Rever-men: The most basic types of gudgeon, closely resembling zombies.





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