For the unarmed civilian version of a gun-drudge, see drudge.
Type Cruiser class ram
Other names Gun-brig
Guns-broad Less than 12 to up to 16
Speed 11 knots
This topic does not appear in the main story, but can be found in the Foundling explicarium. Foundling mini

A gun-drudge, also called a gun-brig or drudge-plugger, is the smallest type of ram, mounting up to 16 guns-broad. They function as tugboats to the largest of the rams, the main-sovereigns, because these vessels are so large and ponderous that they need help to maneuver. Drudges may also serve as gunboats, tenders and scouts, but are heavily outmatched by any other class of ram and seldom join a line of battle. They can only manage up to 11 knots.


A gun-brig is a historical ship class from the Age of Sail. A real-world ship class similar to that of the gun-drudge was the torpedo ram. However as described in the series the drudge lies somewhere between a gunboat and oversized tugboat in size.

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