Alternate names Haufarium
Part of Altgird
Type Partial continent
Appearances Series

The Half-Continent, also known as the Haufarium, Sundergird, or Westelund, is the southeastern section of a continent called the Altgird. The events of Monster Blood Tattoo occur in a small portion of the region called the Soutlands centred on the Grume. Citizens of the Half-Continent are referred to as Sundergirdians.[1]


There are several nations on the Half-Continent:

  • Flint: A small duchy allied with the Gott Empire.
  • Sebastian: An independent state located in the northwestern part of the Half-Continent.
  • Gott Empire: An empire located in the southeastern part of the Half-Continent.
  • Haacobin Empire: The major power of the Half-Continent, within which the events of Monster Blood Tatoo transpire.

Behind the scenesEdit

It was revealed by D. M. Cornish in September 2009 that the Half-Continent forms just a small part of a larger world called the Harthe Alle.[2]


The Half-Continent is known fans and is referred to by D. M. Cornish as the H-C.


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