Hammer and Anvil
Affiliations Bunting Faukes
Type Donkey
Master Bunting Faukes
This character only appears in the side story The Corsers' Hinge. Legends mini

Hammer and Anvil are a brace of donkeys owned by the corser Bunting Faukes and are responsible for pulling the cart he uses to collect corses. Hammer is a jack, while Anvil is a smaller jenny.


While progressing through the Brandenfells to fill his toll, Bunting Faukes used his corse-pole to prod both donkeys while pondering how he had fallen into his quandary of having to repay his debt to the moneylender Weakleefe Spleen. When he heard a shout he briefly paused, allowing the donkeys to eat some roadside weeds.

As Faukes continued up the road, Petuculus Sprawle escaped the pursuing Seven-Seven by jumping onto his cart, upsetting Hammer and Anvil and forcing Faukes to calm them. However they were soon off as fast as Faukes could drive the pair when Sprawle urged him on. After a shot from the pursuers hit Hammer on the petraille that protected him, they came upon Atticus Wells, who halted the cart and boarded it with Viola Grey, Door, and Cilestine Pail. They set off again and despite Faukes' efforts to drive his donkeys as fast as possible, the Seven-Seven were relentless in their pursuit. After Cilestine left the cart to stall them, Wells was hit by a shot from Featherhead and Sprawle abandoned the cart to aid him. A group of pursuing fictlers was able to keep pace with the cart and attempted to board it, four succeeding. Faukes succeeded in killing two while Door handled the others. He maintained his donkey's breakneck pace until they had cleared the area but only stopped to briefly rest them, pushing them until they had left the Brandenfells.

Faukes kept traveling through the night, still left with his quandary. Arriving at a crossroads at dawn, he halted for the longest time in an agony of what to do before deciding to return to Brandenbrass.


Both donkeys are named after tools of the same name and their pairing is a reference to the use of these tools together. The hammer and anvil is also a military tactic.

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