Alternate names Columbris
Part of Hallow Sill
Type Fortress
Ruler Syntychë
Affiliations Right of the Pacific Dove
Appearances Lamplighter
Mentioned Factotum

Herbroulesse, sometimes referred to as the Dovecote or Columbris, is an ancient, mouldering fortress located some miles north of the Dovecote Bolt cothouse and the Mirthlbrook. The current occupants are the Right of the Pacific Dove, a calendar clave led by Syntychë. Herbroulesse is surrounded by a forest known as the Hallow Sill. Threnody was born here, for which reason and her noble status as a marchess-in-waiting she is known as Threnody of Herbroulesse.



After Syntychë consented to allow Threnody to become a lamplighter, her daughter was taken by carriage from Herbroulesse to Winstermill.



Herbroulesse's alternate names of Dovecote and Columbris respectively refer to a structure housing either pigeons or doves and Columbidae, the family that these birds belong to.

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