Part of Soutlands
Type Duchy
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Appearances Foundling
Mentioned Lamplighter, Factotum

Hergoatenbosch, pronounced "herr-goh-ten-bosh", is the region adjacent to the city of Boschenberg, its capital. Though not entirely tamed it has long been under human dominion, given over to grain production and pasturage.

Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill speculated that Rossamünd Bookchild was reborn in some threwdish swamp in the hinterlands of Hergoetenbosch.


Hergoetenbosch may be derived from 's-Hertogenbosch, a Dutch city and region whose name translates as "the duke's forest". It was affiliated with the Duchy of Brabant.

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