Hogshead rever-man
Hogshead rever-man
Affiliations Poundinch
Type Gudgeon
Stance towards everyman Hostile
Unique traits Poorly constructed
Appearances Foundling

The Hogshead rever-man is an unnamed rever-man that was being transported by Poundinch in the cromster Hogshead. It is the first gudgeon to appear in the series.


The rever-man was characterised by its overall poor construction which adversely affected it in both mind and body, as its makers did not fully know their business. It was consumed with a powerful hate of natural monsters as well as a desire to consume flesh. The rever's powerful smell of rottenness, which was strong enough to overcome the reek of swine's lard, suggests that it was made of severely decayed body parts. It was secured within a sturdy crate which Poundinch was responsible for transporting via the Hogshead. This crate was stored in the hold by itself and chained to a beam. Freckle became familiar with the rever-man after he was brought into the hold.

The rever first made its presence known when Rossamünd Bookchild was imprisoned in the hold next to Freckle's crate and they were able to introduce themselves. It wanted to eat Rossamünd's marrow and eye balls, prompting Freckle to reprimand it by throwing something at it which struck it in the eye and silenced it after some grumbling. Freckle then informed Rossamünd that the crate's occupant was a poorly made rever-man. The rever laughed at Rossamünd's plight when some of the bilge water burned his skin. When Fouracres released Freckle from his crate, the rever cried out to be released from its prison, but was left alone in the hold by both him and Europe.

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