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Various honorifics appear in the series and are used in a similar manner as the real world. Abbreviations are not used and honorifics are fully spelled out.


Main article: Physician

Doctor may be used by a physician who has received their degree.[1]


Lady is used for a female peer regardless of age.


Madam is primarily used for a married woman, although it is used several times in addressing Europe, an unmarried woman. Opera Gelderwine adopted it as her means of address in order to fend off potential suitors.[2]


Madamine is the Etaine equivalent of Madam and was used by Lillette Trottinott.[3]


Madamielle is the Etaine equivalent of Miss and was used by Trudgette.[4] It is derived from Mademoiselle.


Master is used in several contexts:

  • as part of a senior title or position, such as Master-of-Clerks
  • for an instructor or teacher
  • as a form of address for a young man

Cinnamon is also referred to as Master Sparrow in several instances.


Miss is used for an unmarried woman and was primarily used by Rossamünd Bookchild when addressing Europe, although she is also addressed as Madam by several other characters.


Mister can be used for a male of any age unless he is a peer.


Monsiere is the Etaine equivalent of Mister and is derived from Monsieur.


Main article: Surgeon

Surgeon is used by a qualified surgeon.


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