Hurdling Migh
Hurdling Migh
Part of Burgundis
Type City
Mentioned Lamplighter

Hurdling Migh is a semi-independent city located south of the Ichormeer and north of the Wettin, the swamps at the mouth of the Migh. As such it lies athwart the Wettin Lowroad. The people of Hurdling Migh are described as "stern yet hospitable", reflecting the attitude often encountered in the Paucitine.[1]

Haltmire gets most of its supplies from Hurdling Migh rather than Bleak Lynche, that is, from the Idlewild. However a traveler from Hurdling Migh would still have to travel through Bleak Lynche to reach Haltmire if they kept to the road.


"Hurdling" may refer to the fact that the town lies in a gap between two difficult marshes or that it is fenced. "Migh" is an ancient word referring to fog or mist. Thus "fog-wall" might be an appropriate translation.


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 24

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