Status Deceased
Affiliations Attica
Occupations Ruler of the Attics
Relatives Dido (great-granddaughter)
Mentioned Lamplighter

Idaho was the queen of the Attics at the height of their power and is considered to be their greatest ruler. Her great-granddaughter was the Empress Dido. Eurodice, the founder of Naimes' ruling dynasty, was her speardame.


Idaho was a prominent figure during the Heldinsage. She has since developed a legendary mythic status. Sophia Idaho II, the current ruling duchess of Flint, likely claims descent from her.



Idahos name was mentioned by Europe when she cited her lineage as deriving from Eurodice as Rossamünd Bookchild's court-martial.[1]


Idaho is mentioned several times. The Lapinduce told Rossamünd that Idaho was "still on pap" when the Moldwood was much vaster than it is now.[2] Gaspard Plume has a painting titled "Idaho the Great Receives Tribute from the King of Lethe" that he had recently purchased and was mounted above the fireplace in the dining room of Orchard Harriet. During a "grand supper" that he held, he called its attention to it, asking Europe if she recognised her ancestor Eurodice, who also appeared in the painting.[3] At Europe's grand gala at Cloche Arde, Rossamünd observed that no one dared dress as Idaho or Dido, although Europe herself chose to come as Eurodice.[4]


Idaho is a state in the Northwestern United States.


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