Alternate names Placidia Solitus
Part of Soutllands
Type Fenceland
Ruler Scepticus XLV Haacobin Menangës
Appearances Lamplighter
Mentioned Factotum

The Idlewild, formerly known as the Placidia Solitus, is a broad upland theme of fenceland and ditchland located in the uplands between the Sulk and the wilds of Eustrothia and Needle Greening, the Ichormeer to the east, and the River Humour. The Imperial highroad known as the Conduit Vermis runs its length, dotted with colony towns and settlements as well as lamplighter cothouses. Between Winstermill and Haltmire it is served by the lamplighters under the command of the Lamplighter-Marshal at Winstermill.


The Idlewild has been partially settled for over 200 years but is not yet entirely tamed: human habitation is made up of a settlement belt around the Wormway and its connecting roads. The region consists of the Naught Swathe between the Humour and the Tumblesloe Heap, the Idlewild proper from the Heap to the Hognells, and the Frugelle plain. Typically it is divided into the western half of the Placadine and the eastern half of the Paucitine. Small, lying on the other side of the Smallish Fells, is not considered part of the Idlewild.

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