Imperial Secretary
Type Bureaucrat
Employed by Haacobin Empire
Notable examples Scrupulus Sicus
Appearances Lamplighter, Factotum

An Imperial Secretary, formerly known as a Secretary Imperial, is the highest-ranked of bureaucrats in the Haacobin Empire. They have direct access to the monarch and their ministers, which makes them very influential, as a disputing party that has connections to a secretary will likely get its version of the story heard first. Ironically they are not mentioned as having much direct power attached to their office nor has it been established what sort of duties they perform. Rather, it is their position vis the Imperial court that counts. Scrupulus Sicus is the only Imperial Secretary to appear in the trilogy.


Sicus is an old family friend of the Whympre family and was highly instrumental in Podious Whympre's rise to power. His support was crucial due to Whympre being the youngest son of a youngest son, making his chances of inheriting any family wealth remote. Sicus helped Whympre get appointed to succeed the Comptroller-Master-General and stood by him in his dealings with the Lamplighter-Marshal.

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