Status Alive
Origin Isidore
Affiliations Harefoot Dig
Occupations Gater
Series debut Foundling

Indolene (pronounced "inn-doh-leen") is a sagaar who is one of the Harefoot Dig's night gaters along with Teagarden.


A tall woman, Indolene has the spoors of a sagaar under her left eye in the form of a line of spikes with her cruorpunxis on the backs of her hands. She wears a strange looking coat with many tails.


Indolene hails from the Soutland state of Isidore and made her way east to work at the Harefoot Dig. She has killed her own share of monsters, several of them while attacking the Dig.



When Rossamünd Bookchild arrived at the Harefoot Dig with Europe, he was met by Teagarden. Indolene kept watch behind him and helped bring Europe in when asked for her assistance. She scowled when Teagarden pointed out that Europe was a lahzar, but said nothing and the two gaters brought the stricken fulgar into the Dig.[1]


  1. Foundling, Chapter 10

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