Other names Various
Affiliations Various
Type Autonecraught
Stance towards everyman Hostile
Unique traits Can be controlled by a sciomane
Notable examples Sackhead
Appearances Factotum

A jackstraw is a type of gudgeon, the construction of which involves fusing organic and inorganic materials, including weapons, by using flayderia exia, a very uncommon substance known only to a few experienced massacars. They are similar in appearance to zombielike scarecrows.

Believed to be the best autonecraughts as they have less human parts in their construction and are thus less rebellious, jackstraws can be controlled by sciomanes. This makes them deadly adversaries especially if there are multiple jackstraws acting together. There is literally a mental link between jackstraw and sciomane, as some of the former's brain is swapped with that of the latter's. The death of a jackstraw can thus be crippling to a sciomane.

Jackstraws controlled by an unnamed sciomane were part of the force that ambushed Europe and her party at Step Dribble.


Jackstraws have several other names:

  • Flayderhauf
  • Haimian
  • Sargaman
  • Scour
  • Thanantë
  • Wanderoo


  • A jackstraw is a piece in the game jackstraws.
  • The name can be a reference to the straw man fallacy, as jack is another term for man.

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