Status Deceased
Origin Brandenbrass
Affiliations Lamplighters
Occupations Scourge (bombastine)
Weapons Potives
Series debut Lamplighter

Josclin (pronounced "joss'lyn") was a scourge (technically a bombastine), who served with the Imperial lamplighters based at the fortress of Winstermill. Hailing from Brandenbrass, Josclin was wounded during the coursing of the Herdebog Trought but made a full recovery. He was later killed during the Battle of Winstermill, though he managed to destroy the ettin responsible for his death.


It is somewhat ironic that Josclin is a teratologist, given that the people of Cloudeslee, where his family originates from, are considered to be sedorners by the people of the Haacobin Empire.





His name is derived from Jocelyn, a unisex name that can be either a first or a surname.

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