Alternate names Hack (non-lahzars)
Employed by Various
Notable examples Europe
Appearances Series

A knave is someone who works as a free agent rather than as a spurn, the paid employee of a specific master. It usually refers to a teratologist or other pugnator and is also a verb, meaning the act of hiring oneself out, typically as a contract teratologist to the highest bidder. A knavery is where such individuals register to make themselves available and where they can be hired. Europe specialises in this kind of work.



Europe and Rossamünd Bookchild met while she was on a knave to dispose of the Misbegotten Schrewd, which had been extorting tolls on the Brindlestow Bridge at the instigation of the nimbleschrewds. Following its death and the subsequent attack by the nimbleschrewds on her party, which resulted in the death of Licurius, she recuperated at the Harefoot Dig before seeing Rossamünd off at High Vesting for his posting to Winstermill to train as a prentice-lighter.


After an appeal was widely circulated calling for teratologists to help combat the monsters on the Conduit Vermis, a wide variety of them descended on Winstermill in order to obtain their Writs of the Course. Europe was one of these, having heard about the situation while she was in Sinster. She was allowed to spend some time with Rossamünd Bookchild after limes one midweek, during which they were able to catch up before she left for the Brisking Cat.

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