Alternate names Luhzar
Thanatocate ("Death-bearer")
Orgular ("Haughty one")
Cathar's children
Sinster's children
Type Teratologist
Employed by Various
Notable examples Dolours
Anaesthesia Myrrh
Appearances Trilogy

A lahzar is a person who has been surgically altered to become a human weapon. Additional organs of unknown origin are surgically added, either allowing the recipient to send out electrical charges of varying form (a fulgar) or attack with mental charges (a wit). To retain these foreign organs it is necessary for a lazhar to take different kinds of alembants, especially Cathar's Treacle.

The primary use of lazhars is as knaves against monsters, though they are often found in military or even private service. There are two known types of lazhars, namely wits and fulgars, and a questionable category, that of thanatocriths, who are similar to wits but may or may not be classed with them. Dexters, combination wits and fulgars, and banes, combination wits and skolds, are also lahzars.

Lahzarine surgical modifications were first introduced by a group known as the Cathars, refugees from some devastating event, upon their arrival in the states of Burgundis; hence one who has been made a lazhar might be said to be "Cathared." The city of Sinster on the borders of the Gott Empire still holds a monopoly on transmogrifying surgery, though it is not certain that illicit procedures are not performed elsewhere: regardless, it is illegal to transmogrify in the Haacobin Empire.

"Cathar's children" or "Sinster's children" are unofficial names for lazhars.

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