Numerous languages appear or are mentioned in Monster Blood Tattoo, most of them based on real world equivalents.


Baste is spoken by the inhabitants of the northern nation of Sebastian and also refers to its people.[1] It was spoken by Sequecious, the cook at Wormstool and a would-be "paper nationalist" of the Haacobin Empire, as well as a few words of Brandenard.[2]


Brandenard is based on English and is the language of the Brandenards, who inhabit much of the northern Soutlands and the lands beyond. It has official recognition in the Haacobin Empire as the language of trade and among different city-states and even nations. Tutin has official status as the language of politics and education.[3]

Inhabitants or people hailing from Brandenbrass are also known as Brandenards.


Etaine is analogous to French and is spoken in the Patricine States.[4] It is the only language to appear which is not named after its speakers.


Gott is spoken by the Gotts, who are descended from the Skylds, an ancient people who originated in the Derelands. It is thus sometimes still referred to as Skyldic. Gott is similar to German[3] and means "god" in that language.


Hagenard is spoken by the Hagenards, who inhabit the Hagenland and a large part of the Dereland. It is similar to the Nordic languages.


Hergott, also known as Bosch, is spoken by the Hergotts, the people of Hergoatenbosch and Boschenberg.[5] It appears to be based on Dutch and may be related to Gott (as Dutch and German are in the real world), but this is not specified.


Sedian or Sevillian is spoken in the northern nation of Seville and may be based on Italian, but this is not confirmed.[6][7]


Main article: Tutin


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