Other names Various
Age Ancient
Type Monster-lord
Stance towards everyman Indifferent (petchinin)
Unique traits Can communicate with rabbits and hares
Can control threwd
Immune to a wit's striving
Appearances Factotum
Economous Musgrove (story)

The Lapinduce, also known as the Duke of Rabbits, is a monster-lord who rules over rabbits and hares. His existence within the Moldwood Park in the midst of the great city of Brandenbrass is one of city's darkest secrets.


The Lapinduce has had numerous names throughout history. Several are:

  • Haraman by the Pilts
  • Rabbit o' Blighty in the Brandenard parishes
  • Kaminchin in the east
  • Cunobillin or the Great Lagornis


The Lapinduce is a tall anthropomorphic rabbit, standing at 8' 10" with his ears erect and 7' 4" when they are down. It has black fur and wears a high-collard midnight purple frock coat bearing a motif of playing rabbits.


As a petchinin, the Lapinduce maintains an indifferent attitude towards humans, although he had a markedly different attitude when he was younger. As an ancient monster-lord having lived for eons, he has a very long time perspective and views individual human lives as but brief puffs in time. He prefers to remain secluded within Moldwood Park undisturbed.


A pair of rabbits, Ogh and Urgh, come from a long line of rabbits that have served the Lapinduce faithfully for generations and are his most trusted helpers.


As the monster-lord of rabbits and hares the Lapinduce can communicate with them telepathically and uses them as an intelligence network to keep him apprised of the goings on in Brandenbrass. He can manipulate threwd and if he so desired could make the city uninhabitable for humans for generations.[1] He is physically strong enough to easily lift an adult man off his feet and is immune to the full blast of a wit's striving. The Lapinduce is also a skilled spinet player, although his music can only heard by other monsters and humans who have a more sympathetic view of monsters.




Economous MusgroveEdit


  1. Factotum, Chapter 9

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