Type Enforcer of justice
Employed by Various
Special equipment Instruments of punishment and execution
Notable examples Grizzelard Gall
Mentioned Lamplighter

A lictor is a person responsible for carrying out disciplines and punishment. This can include floggings, clapping the guilty in irons, placing them into the stocks or a pillory, or locking them behind durance doors. A lictor also serves as an executioner by acting as a hangman and placing the condemned onto a Catherine wheel. They are also the chief torturer in more extreme regimes. The Gall family is notable for having produced 13 generations of lictors.

At Winstermill lictor is equivalent to the following ranks:


In Ancient Rome the lictor was a member of a special class of Roman civil servant, with special tasks of attending and guarding magistrates of the Roman Republic and Empire who held imperium, the right and power to command. They essentially functioned as bodyguards and carried rods decorated with fasces and, outside the pomerium, with axes that symbolized the power to execute.

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