Other names "Box-face" by Europe
Status Deceased
Origin Naimes
Affiliations Europe
Occupations Factotum
Lifeguard (former)
Unique traits Had left his sthenicon on for too long, causing it to grow exitious.
Weapons Pistol
Series debut Foundling

Licurius (pronounced "ly-kyew-re-us") was a laggard who was Europe's first factotum, having served her for years. He died on the road to High Vesting while battling nimbleschrewds who were trying to avenge the death of the Misbegotten Schrewd. However Europe did not replace him for several months until she invoked QGU to release Rossamünd Bookchild from Imperial service as a lamplighter.


Licurius' most distinguishing characteristic was the sthenicon he perpetually wore as it had become exetious and impossible to remove, a consequence of having it on for too long.



Having served Europe for more than a decade, Licurius remained faithful to her although it appears that their relationship had become strained shortly before his death, as he exhibited a rebellious streak more than once. Nonetheless he warned her of the nimbleschrewds' attack and died defending her. Europe was afterwards heartbroken at his death.

Licurius was respected by the staff of Cloche Arde despite his personality and they were surprised at their mistress' new factotum, but deferred to her authority.


Being a laggard, Licurius had enhanced vision which enables him to see things that are farther away or in dark places, and through things. These senses had been sharpened because he had left his sthenicon on for too long. To him, Rossamünd smelled funny despite his use of a nullodour, but he could not pin down that this was due to him being a manikin.[1] His weapons of choice were pistols and repellants.


Licurius was previously a lifeguard of Europe's mother Magentine. He apparently left Naimes after Europe's departure and became her factotum, serving her for more than ten years.

He had his own set at Cloche Arde, which was decorated with a series of framed cabinet pictures and he had hung up four additional ones in the saumery. The sthenicon prevented him from being able to sleep normally, so he had to sleep in a sitting position, using a tandem.[2] Licurius had attempted to find the Lapinduce in the Moldwood Park multiple times, but failed.[3]






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