Haacobin lifeguard
Uniforms of the Haacobin lifeguard.
Alternate names Cantin (calendar equivalent)
Type Bodyguard
Employed by Various
Notable examples Licurius
Appearances Trilogy

A lifeguard is a personal bodyguard of a ruler, senior military officer, or government official. A cantin fulfills this role for the august of a clave. Women who function in this capacity for a female ruler are known as speardames. The real world equivalent does not exist because of the nature of the vinegar seas, thus swimming is not a recreational activity.

A notable lifeguard was Licurius, who served Magentine in this function before he was the factotum of her daughter Europe.

Behind the scenesEdit

The lifeguard of the Haacobin Empire includes musketeers, named the Emperor's Own, and haubuardiers. Illustrations of them were posted by D. M. Cornish on his blog in October 2010.[1]


The term lifeguard is used by army regiments in some countries.


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