Little Dog
Status Alive
Affiliations Harefoot Dig
Occupations Page boy
Series debut Foundling

Little Dog is a young page boy who works at the Harefoot Dig. At the very bottom of the hierarchy of servants and staff at the Dig, his duties include fetching, carrying, and acting as a messenger.


Although Little Dog wears proofing as a form of protection, it is not of high quality. He goes about barefoot.


Little Dog is a quiet and humble boy who carries out his duties, especially running messages at night when it is quite dangerous, without complaint. Despite his constant dread of being assigned such perilous tasks, no one else appears to care about this. He was deferential to Rossamünd Bookchild, which made the latter uncomfortable, as he was unused to being treated this way.



After Rossamünd succeeded in bringing Europe to the Harefoot Dig, Billetus had Little Dog run off to send for Doctor Verhooverhoven despite the darkness that had come on.[1] Three days later Little Dog was tasked with showing Rossamünd the way to Silvernook.[2] Despite a scare on the way, they were given a ride into town by Farmer Rabbitt, who recognized Little Dog. After they were dropped off at the Imperial Post Office, the two parted ways as Little Dog had an errand to run elsewhere in town.


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