Alternate names Scrylock
Type Combination leer and pistoleer
Employed by Various
Special equipment Pistols
Notable examples Aristarchus Budge
Mentioned Factotum

A lockstrait, also known as a scrylock or straitlock, is a combination leer and pistoleer. The augmentation granted to a leer's eyes would make such an individual a more accurate shot. The only lockstrait to be mentioned in the series is Aristarchus Budge.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lockstrait is one of several terms coined by D. M. Cornish in response to a fan query about what he would name individuals combining certain occupations. It is one of three terms involving a pistoleer taking on an additional attribute. The terms were posted on Cornish's blog in April 2008[1] and he later mentioned that a lockstrait could also be a laggard pistoleer later that July.[2]


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