Alternate names Obdo Vomica
Part of Half-Continent
Mentioned Foundling

The Loquor (pronounced "loh-kor"), also known as the Obdo Vomica or Legoponeria, is a large basin in the southern Verid Litus on the east coast of the Half-Continent. North of Frissia and the Gott Empire and east of the Tausengramdornin Mountains, it has a reputation for threwdishness similar to that of the Ichormeer. Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill mentioned that monsters from the Loquor reproduce by dropping pieces of themselves to "grow into replicas of the original."[1]

Historically the Loquor formed a barrier to further southward expansion by the Attics in much the same way that the Ichormeer forms the current barrier between the Gotts and the Soutland states.


"Vomica" is Latin for a sore (or curse), while "obdo" means something like "to put before (yourself)", possibly "close(d) off."


  1. Lamplighter, Chapter 30

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