Alternate names Finegar
Type Monster hunter and trapper
Employed by Various
Mentioned Lamplighter

A lurcher or finegar is a hunter and trapper of monsters. They form a crucial part of the dark trades, as their quarry is subsequently supplied up the chain of related occupations all the way to the massacars. The term is also used for someone who has killed a monster for which another person had the Writ of Course, giving the latter the rightful claim to hunt the monster and claim its prize-money.

Due to the nature of their occupation lurchers gain most of their quarry from marginal areas such as the Idlewild, particularly in the vicinity of a hob-rousing pit. This is because natural monsters are attracted to gudgeons and gudgeon-making activities, making such areas excellent places to trap or course monsters. Hunting down lurchers is one of the responsibilities of the lamplighters.


A lurcher is a type of hunting dog commonly used in hare and fox hunting.

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