Type Capital class ram
Guns-broad More than 100
Speed 8 knots
Notable examples Sucathia
Appearances Foundling

A main-sovereign is the heaviest and most powerful type of ram as well as the slowest. Main-sovereigns mount at least 100 guns-board but lack the speed and maneuverability to ram ships themselves due to their size and slow speed, only managing up to 8 knots. They often require the aid of gun-drudges to maneuver and also need to be protected by frigates.

Due to their size main-sovereigns can take a great deal of punishment and are dangerous to approach but, as proved during the Battle of the Mole, are vulnerable to ramming by smaller, faster vessels. Their size relative to the more common main-rams suggests their purpose to be that of ram destroyers, effectively countered only by members of their own class.



The relative size and armament of the main-sovereign puts them in the same class as a historical ship of the line or dreadnaught battleships.


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