Rossamund as factotum
Rossamünd in his role as Europe's factotum.
Other names Various
Origin Fetid swamps
Stance towards everyman Varies
Unique traits Has human form but monster blood.
Notable examples Biargë
Rossamünd Bookchild
Radica and Dudica
Appearances Trilogy

A manikin, also known as a rossamünderling, is a type of monster with the form of a human. They are created from wandering humans dying in fetid swamps, which were originally used by the eurinië to create life and remained fertile without their direction, continuing to bring forth life derived from whatever happened to fall and die in them. This was how manikins such as Biargë, the most famous one known to matter, were created.[1]

Rossamünd Bookchild is a manikin and his name is derived from the type of monster he is. A little known fact is that Radica and Dudica, twin sisters and the heroines of Brandenbrass, were both manikins.[2]


Rossamünderlings have various names. The term itself means "little rose-mouth" or "little pink-lips".[1]

  • Fake-foe[2]
  • Hinderling: A reference to the rossamünderling's origin, the "hind-pieces" or remains of a human.
  • Ouranin: An ancient term used by monsters themselves.
  • Pink lips: From the translation of the name.


As a manikin, Rossamünd Bookchild possess both a human and monster nature. In particular he has several abilities far beyond what would normally be expected for a human boy of his age and size:

  • Great physical strength, more than that of a normal man.
  • Being much more physically robust.
  • An accelerated healing ability that enables him to recover from injuries faster.
  • A heightened awareness of threwd when it appears and the ability to discern its nature and intent.

He also shared a few key characteristics with other monsters:

  • His blood can be used to create a cruorpunxis.
  • Dogs, particularly tykehounds who had been trained to fight monsters, reacted to him violently as they could tell that he was a monster despite his constant wearing of a nullodour.
  • Other monsters can tell that he is a fellow monster, which caused confusion when they found him opposed to them.
  • He is susceptible to repellants.[3][4]

It appears that a manikin's lifespan varies. Biargë is still believed to be alive despite being hundreds of years old and her lack of aging was the prime cause of her downfall.


The term is derived from manikin, a life-sized anatomical human model used in education.


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