Part of Soutlands
Type Independent state
This location only appears on a map and is not mentioned or visited in the story.

Meershaum is a small independent state lying southeast of Catalain and northwest of the Ichormeer. The Spinningwood is to the north and northeast. The Ichor Road runs southwest of Meershaum and down into the Ichormeer, joining the Conduit Vermis in the middle of the swamps.

Behind the scenesEdit

Meershaum was identified as an independent state by D. M. Cornish in a map of the Half-Continent he posted in a March 2013 blog post.[1] He had earlier described it as "remote" in a September 2009 blog post.[2]


Meerschaum is a soft silicate once widely used in carvings, especially in ornate pipes since it draws tar and moisture into itself.


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