Haacobin lifeguard haubardier upper body
A haubardier of the Haacobin lifeguard.
Type Hat
User Haubardiers
Appearances Lamplighter

A mitre is a tall, tapering hat with a flat crown that is typically worn by haubardiers. The duffers of Brandenbrass also wear mitres.[1]



Haubardiers were stationed at Winstermill as well as the cothouses, including Wellnigh House, Cothallow, and Bleakhall.


Haubardiers were also at the Brandendirk. The mitres worn by Brandenbrass' duffers are mentioned as being a distinguishing piece of uniform.

Behind the scenesEdit

D. M. Cornish posted several illustrations of the harness worn by the musketeers and haubardiers of the Haacobin Empire and its city-states on his blog in October 2010.[2]


The haubardiers' use of the mitre and designation as heavy infantry makes them similar to grenadiers who were distinguished by their use of mitres as headgear, although haubardiers do not use grenadoes.


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