The Lapinduce
Other names Typically Duke or Duchess of the animal they are affiliated with.
Age Ancient
Origin Varies
Affiliations Varies
Stance towards everyman Varies
Unique traits Have humanlike bodies with the heads of various animals
Can manipulate threwd
Among the most powerful of monsters
Appearances Factotum
Economous Musgrove (story)
Mentioned Lamplighter

A monster-lord is among the the greatest and most ancient of monsters, ruling from the heart of their autumn domains. Their existence is legendary to most humans as they are selective about who they choose to make their true presence known. Monster-lords have adopted the noble rank of duke or duchess to refer to themselves. They are served by the nuglungs, who function as their agents and ambassadors.


Monster-lords are anthropomorphic avatars of a certain species or class of animal which are their subjects, having the heads of these creatures with humanoid bodies. The only monster-lord to have appeared thus far, the Lapinduce, is physically very tall, standing at 8' 10" with his ears erect and 7' 4" when they are down.


The monster-lords can be divided into three categories:

  • Urchins, who take a benevolent stance towards everyman.
  • Wretchins, who despise humans and seek to thwart and destroy them.
  • Petchinin, who are essentially indifferent and only act when events occur on their own doorsteps.

These attitudes can be influenced by the monster-lord's experiences. The Lapinduce, a petchinin, tends to avoid acting in concert with his fellow monster-lords and only desires to be left alone within the Moldwood Park, having become jaded over the centuries.


Monster-lords are ancient and very powerful, as monsters tend to grow more powerful the longer they have lived. It is not clear if they have very lengthy lifespans or are immortal. They can manipulate threwd throughout their autumn, making it as inhospitable or accessible to humans as they desire and masking their presence. They are able to communicate telepathically with their nuglung and animal subjects. The latter can function as an extension of a monster-lord's will and allow them to gather intelligence unobtrusively. Monster-lords are also capable of human speech and being in their presence can produce a revitalizing effect on humans. The Lapinduce has demonstrated that he is immune to the full blast of a wit's striving.

Known monster-lordsEdit

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