The following is the policy for referencing information on the Monster Blood Tattoo Wiki.

When to referenceEdit

In order to support facts claimed, it may be necessary to cite where this information is coming from.

The following need to be referenced:

  • anything that is taken verbatim from the text without any rewriting, including descriptions and character quotes
  • specific dates, i.e. month and date
  • esoteric or obscure facts. E.g., the name of Europe's mother, Magentine, is mentioned only by Baron Idias Finance in Factotum, but nowhere else.
  • quantities and prices
  • information that could be open to question or challenge

In short, when in doubt, cite the source.


Sources that may be referenced are:


Inserting a reference is easy: use the tags <ref> and </ref> to insert the reference. Add the following subsection to the end of the article:


The following formats are to be used depending on the source.

For the trilogyEdit

There are three components:

  • book name in italics, but not linked to
  • chapter
  • a brief description of the context

E.g.: Lamplighter, Chapter 5 - The prentice-watch is cancelled as a result of the attack.

If the context occurs at the beginning or end of a chapter, then you may just state "the beginning of the chapter" or "the end of the chapter" as the context.

If a description is written in such a way that the context is clear, then just the book name and chapter can be given. E.g.:

The Lamplighter-Marshal is mentioned as having a quarto of lifeguards when he left Winstermill to respond to the sis edisserum.

This is cited as Lamplighter, Chapter 18 because the reader already has an idea from the above where in Chapter 18 this occurs.

For all the side storyEdit

There is one component:

  • the short form of the title in italics, but not linked to

I.e., The Corsers’ Hinge

For all websitesEdit

There are two components:

  • the URL
  • the title of the article/website/blog post

E.g.: Rossamünd Married?! ... or, Questions Answer'd #120302)

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