For the final emperor of the Sceptic Empire, see Moribund Scepticus III.
Moribund Sceptic III
Age Deceased
Affiliations Sceptic Empire
Title Emperor
Occupations Ruler of the Sceptic Empire
Relatives Unnamed daughter
Mentioned Factotum

Moribund Sceptic III was a previous emperor of the Sceptic Empire who lived 400 years before the main story.

He is known for instituting a change to the calendar because of his unnamed daughter, who he had spoiled excessively and had been born in the month of Cachrys. She was so put out that she had not been born in the prior month of Lirium, whose name she believed sounded more beautiful, that she made court life impossible for her father until he eventually acceded to her wishes and decreed that the order of the months be switched. This calendar change remains until the present day despite a war having been fought over it and is still controversial to certain people.[1]


  1. Factotum, Chapter 20

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