Alternate names Nimsman
Type Lumberjack
Employed by Various
Special equipment Tackles
Mentioned Lamplighter

A munkler, also known as a nimsman or holzkregger, is a specialist lumberjack who harvests rare, specialty timber in wild, threwdish regions, such as the forests of the central Gottskylds, Wörms, and near Ing and Wenceslaus. A munkler is the subject of a collection of panto-plays titled The Munkler's Court by Pendrift.

Due to the presence of monsters in these areas munklers wear proofing and nullodours and work in near-silence: "munkler" is a Gott word for "whisper". Munkler timberfalling involves an array of specialized equipment, ropes and tackle to keep trees from making noise as they fall. Munklers are thus skilled with climbing and working with knots. They do not use draft animals to remove the timber, as these would attract monsters, but instead break down the wood onsite and carry it out on their backs. Despite the high risks involved, it can be extremely lucrative, such that a munkler need only venture out once or twice a year to harvest, and four or five backloads can sustain a man for more than a year.


"Holz" is the German word for timber, while "kregger" may be a play on "krieger", which means "warrior". "Nimming" is an archaic word for theft.

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