Imperial musketeer
An Imperial musketeer.
Type Medium pediteer
Employed by Various
Special equipment Musket
Appearances Trilogy

A musketeer is the basic pediteer of the Haacobin Empire and its constituent states. They wear proofing known as half-harness, consisting of platoon-coat, weskit and thrice-high, which repels enemy shot and protects them from some of the effects, and carry smoothbore muskets with bayonets. Though more nimble than haubardiers and troubardiers, they are more vulnerable and less heavily armoured.



From his reading and education at Madam Opera's, Rossamünd Bookchild had learned about musketeers and the other types of pediteers. He first saw them stationed on the Axle when traveling aboard the Hogshead. When the cromster arrived at the Spindle, a quarto of them were deployed on the pier at which it docked as a precaution in preparation for an inspection. When Poundinch decided to make a run for it when his smuggling scheme was about to be uncovered, the quarto fired a volley that killed several of the crew. Although they returned fire, the musketeers' proofing saved them, except for one who was shot through the head.[1] A few days later while hiding in a bush of boxthorn, Rossamünd feared that the Spindle musketeers had come upon his hiding place, but it turned out to be Europe and Licurius.


Musketeers were stationed at Winstermill and made up the coursing party that to pursued the Herdebog Trought.[2]


An encampment of musketeers was seen when Europe's party left Orchard Harriet to return to Brandenbrass preparing for the upcoming summer campaign.[3]


Musketeers are similar to their real world counterparts, although they have more in common with those that appeared in the 18th and early 19th centuries.


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