Naimes & neighbors
Naimes (centre) and its neighbours.
Part of Soutlands
Type Duchy and city-state
Ruler Magentine
Affiliations Haacobin Empire
Mentioned Trilogy

Naimes (pronounced "naymz") is a Soutland duchy and city-state. It is ruled by Magentine, whose sole heir and daughter Europe is a renowned fulgar. Naimes' ruling family claims descent from Euodice, speardame of the legendary Empress Idaho.[1]


Naimes is located in a fertile farming region called the Villene. It is bordered on the north by Maine, on the east by Haquetaine, on the south by Frestonia, and on the west by Westoverin and Castoria. Being hemmed in by these other powers has limited its growth. The wealthy region of Sainte is overseen by Idias Finance.


The trade of meat, timber, and semiprecious metals and gems has made Naimes wealthy.


Naimes flag

The flag of Naimes.

The sigil of Naimes consists of a trefoiled heart, which can mean "courage" or "stoutness". The duchy's colours are rouge (scarlet) and viole (pale magenta).


Europe ran away from home to be transmogrified into a fulgar in Sinster, and her fame and notoriety have been no small source of embarrassment to her mother. After she relocated to Brandenbrass, the duchess dispatched her staff member Kitchen to keep an eye on her wayward daughter. However due to his relationship with Europe Kitchen cameto serve her faithfully in turn. Baron Finance, the Chief Emissary of Naimes' diplomatic mission, is now responsible for keeping an eye out for Europe's welfare. Archduke Narsesës of Brandenbrass, although cordial with Europe, resents her residence in the city, as war with Naimes could result if anything untoward should happen to her while she is in Brandenbrass.[2]


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  2. Factotum, Chapter 11 - Finance mentions this during his meeting with Europe in the coach.

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