Nullifus Drawk
Nullifus Drawk
Status Unknown
Affiliations Lamplighters
Occupations Skold
Series debut Lamplighter

Nullifus Drawk is a skold who served as the resident punctographist at Winstermill. It is not known if he survived the Battle of Winstermill.



Following the attack on Threnody's carriage, Assimus and Puttinger collected cruor from the slain Horn-ed Nickers that was used to create their cruorpunxis the following day.[1] Drawk later puncted the members of Rossamünd Bookchild's quarto who had contributed to the nickers' deaths during the theroscade.[2]

Following the death of the Herdebog Trought and the return of the coursing party, the cruor obtained from it was given to Drawk, who was eager to mark the umbergog's killers.[3] In a ceremony at the Hall of Pageants before the assembled garrison, Drawk puncted Sebastipole, the only person able to attend as Josclin had been injured in the fight and was hospitalised. Sebastipole later mentioned that he would take Drawk to help investigate the gudgeon that Rossamünd had fought in the furtigrade, but they could find no traces of it as its body had disintegrated.


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