Ol' Barny
Haacobin Empire flag
Alternate names Parracallid
Sagax Glauxës
Saxo Glauxës
Sagix Glauxes Rex
Type Sigil
User Haacobin Empire
Appearances Trilogy

Ol' Barny, more formally known as the Parracallid, Sagax Glauxës, Saxo Glauxës, or Sagix Glauxes Rex, meaning Sagacious Imperial Owl, is the sigil of the Haacobin Empire. It is in the form of a golden owl which was believed to resemble a Barn Owl by pediteers, hence the nickname. As an Imperial symbol, Ol' Barny appears on official documents, Imperial military uniforms, including those of the lamplighters, and is flown from spandarions, which may also be referred to as Ol' Barny. It is referenced in the official song of the Imperial military, "Stand While You Can".

Behind the scenesEdit

D. M. Cornish posted illustrations of the mottle and harness of the various states that comprise the Haacobin Empire on his blog in October 2010.[1]


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