Old Gate Sanguinarium
Old Gate
Alternate names Old Gate
Part of Brandenbrass
Type Sanguinarium
Appearances Factotum

Old Gate Sanguinarium, more commonly known as Old Gate, is a sanguinarium in Brandenbrass where retired pediteers and vinegaroons can live out the rest of their days. These residents have given rise to the phrase "Stiff as an Old Gate pensioner". It has "moldering stonework and blank windows".[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

A map of Brandenbrass was posted by D. M. Cornish on his blog in December 2012. The Old Gate is bordered to the west by Pantomime Lane and the Pikemarch. In the map it is part of an area called the Mill Wards.[2]


Old Gate appears to be based on the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a retirement and nursing home for British soldiers who are unfit for further duty due to injury or old age.



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