Onion Mole
Other names "Moley"
Status Alive
Affiliations Lamplighters
Rank Lampsman 3rd Class
Prentice-lighter (former)
Occupations Lamplighter
Weapons Fusil
Series debut Lamplighter

Lampsman 3rd Class Onion Mole is a lamplighter who was one of Rossamünd Bookchild's fellow prentice-lighters at Winstermill, although they were not in the same quarto.


Onion Mole was one of the prentices to receive mail on the same day that Rossamünd Bookchild received his letter from Verline[1] and was later teased by his fellow prentices over the attention he had given a dolly-mop at the Drained Mouse after they had returned from Silvernook.[2] When the prentices were waiting to enter the Hall of Pageants for Sebastipole's puncting, he attempted to shush Threnody to prevent them all from getting in trouble.[3] On Billeting Day to his great dismay Onion Mole was assigned to Ashenstall, one of the tougher billets on the Conduit Vermis.[4]


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