Status Deceased
Affiliations Right of the Pacific Dove
Unnamed clave (former)
Occupations Purrichin
Series debut Lamplighter

Pannette was a young calendar purrichin of the Right of the Pacific Dove.


Originally from another clave in Grawthewse, Pannette was banished for unnamed "irregularities" of conduct less than a year before. According to visiting caladines these were assignations with a married peer. Regardless of this, Syntychë welcomed Pannette into the Right of the Pacific Dove.



Pannette was one of the calendars who escorted Threnody to Winstermill in early Pulvis HIR 1601 to help her fulfill her wish of becoming a lamplighter.[1] After their carriage was refused lodging at Wellnigh House, they were forced to continue on to Winstermill even though the night was coming on. On the way the carriage was attacked by several Horn-ed Nickers. During the running battle one of the calendars was killed inside the carriage, while another one, also a sagaar, battled the nickers after it had crashed, but fell to them. It is not clear which one was Pannette and which one was Idesloe.[2] After the fight both were laid side by side and mourned by the surviving calendars. Their bodies were loaded on to an ox dray that arrived from Wellnigh that conveyed them and the luggage back to the cothouse. The next morning the pair were taken by one of their surviving sisters, Charllette, back to Herbroulesse via post-lentulum.[3]


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