Patchword Fyfe
Status Deceased
Age 49 in HIR 1588
Origin Brandenbrass
Affiliations Brandenbrass navy
Saakrahenemus family
Rank Rear Admiral
Occupations Naval officer
Relatives Thalistia Saakrahenemus (wife)
Rookwood Saakrahenemus Fyfe (son)
Aunt Saakrahenemus (sister-in-law)
Mentioned Factotum

Rear Admiral Patchword Fyfe was a decorated Brandenard naval officer and the father of Rookwood Saakrahenemus Fyfe.


Fyfe was born in HIR 1539 in Brandenbrass. He had some Turkeman ancestry as evinced by his son, who has white-blond hair. After entering the navy as a midshipman on the frigate NB Spritely his career flourished. Fyfe added to his renown by marrying Thalistia Saakrahenemus, a member of the powerful Saakrahenemus family of Brandenbrass.

He is known for having participated in the Battle of Maundersea in HIR 1588, which took place between an allied fleet of Sangmaund and Grumid rams and the pirates known as the Sea Dogs and their allies, the Lombards. He commanded the Brandenard squadron aboard the flagship NB Rebuke. While on a wide-ranging patrol, the Rebuke came across the freebooter Vinegar Strumpet engaging a Brandenard packet ram. When the freebooter fled upon seeing the Rebuke, Fyfe immediately gave chase while signaling for assistance. After a brief engagement against the Vinegar Strumpet and two additional freebooters which appeared, Fyfe and his flotilla of four rams pursued the pirates until after rounding the northern tip of Lombardy, when they were in turn confronted by a fleet of Lombard rams. Forced to reverse course, they were pursued until the morning of the third day of the action, when five Maubergonne main-rams were sighted. These were persuaded to come to the aid of the pursued and battle was joined. During the action the Rebuke was rammed by the Black Joke and sank side by side with one of her prior victims, the Serieux. All hands were lost, including Admiral Fyfe.

Fyfe's death left his son Rookwood orphaned, as it is implied that his wife had died earlier during the Consumptive palsies of 1585. Since then Rookwood has lived a life of dissipation, sustained by his mother’s inherited wealth and the remains of prizes won by his father.



In HIR 1591 Rookwood got into a non-lethal duel on in Pebble Knife which was witnessed by Rossamünd Bookchild, who rushed over to aid him after he was shot in the groin. Afterwards Rossamünd learned that Rookwood was the admiral’s son, which was an exciting event for him, as he had learned about Fyfe's exploits both through lessons on naval matter and through pamphlets.[1]


His first name appears to be derived from the word patchwork.


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