Philemon Plume
Status Alive
Origin Windspect Folia
Affiliations Orchard Harriet circle
Title Count
Occupations Master of Windspect Folia
Relatives Orchard Harriet circle
Plume family
Gaspard Plume (younger brother)
Countess Plume (wife)
Unique traits Able to tell that Rossamünd Bookchild is a monster
Series debut Factotum

Count Philemon Plume is the master of Windspect Folia, a countenancy northeast of Coddlingtine Dell. He is the older brother of the mattern Gaspard Plume.


Philemon is characterized by having a gloomy expression and similar eyes as his younger brother Gaspard.


Now a shadow of his former self and intensely introspective, Philemon was previously a well-educated and energetic man before the shocking death of his wife drastically altered his personality. He ceased living at Temburly Hall, the Plume family's traditional manor house, and relocated to Orchard Harriet, where he is permitted to maintain a listless existence. He never got over his wife's death but somehow gained some insight into the monstrous, sharing Numps' ability to immediately identify Rossamünd Bookchild as such.


As the older brother Philemon succeeded to the countenancy, becoming the 25th Count of Windspect Folia and Master of Temburly Hall. Nearly a decade before the events of the main story his wife, the countess, was attacked by a nicker on the steps of Temburly Hall and died of her injuries. Cinnamon, who happened to be nearby, was unable to save her although he did rescue the Plumes' tykehound Baltissär, which had tried to defend her. Following his wife's death the count underwent a dramatic decline and retreated to a life of seclusion at his brother's home, Orchard Harriet.



The count first appeared when Gaspard held a grand supper with the other residents of Orchard Harriet and his circle of friends. Upon being introduced to Rossamünd he commented that it was "'Always a delight to have one of your tribe to dine'", giving him a perceptive look. He also mentioned that Cinnamon and Freckle had had to leave on "'urgent business'".[1] At the nightly gatherings that Gaspard's friends and guests participated in, Philemon would watch, but not participate, with an ever-present tumbler in hand. He would frequently stare at a painting of an unknown woman and sometimes toast it with his glass, suggesting that this was his dead wife. Rossamünd later learned from Pluto Six during one of the sittings for his portrait the circumstances behind Baltissär's changed attitude towards monsters and the death of the countess.[2]


He may be named after the mythological Philemon. A plume is a type of feather possessed by certain birds.


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