The Phlegms were an ancient civilization predating the Attics, and themselves predated by the ancient forebears of Ogh and Urgh. Their language is known as Phlegmish. The exact location and extent of their homeland is unknown, nor are many particulars of their culture mentioned; only that they are an "annihilated race". They seem to have been aware of only three continents, as shown on a map in Gaspard Plume's study at Orchard Harriet. On this map (cunctus orbis) their city of Phlegmis appears to be located in the area of the Gott Empire; though no specific information is given and the map itself is stylized and sparse. Their civilization had collapsed by the time Dido founded her empire, causing refugees to concentrate in the central part of the Half-Continent. The fall of the Phlegms has been attributed to a rising of Sucoth brought about by Phlemish goestes.[1]

A region south of the Straight Wall and west of Lechelend is referred to as the Forlorn Hope of the Phlegmisi. It is near the Breach of Onesiphia.


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