For other uses, see Pike (disambiguation).
Status Deceased
Affiliations Hogshead
Occupations Boatswain
Weapons Pistol
Series debut Foundling

Pike was the boatswain of the Hogshead. Despite being a very quiet and obedient man, he was able to exercise effective control over the crew.



After Poundinch succeeded in duping Rossamünd Bookchild to board the Hogshead, he had Pike get the cromster under way when they were all set. He left the running of the Hogshead to Pike after they had cleared the Scutid Axle to show Rossamünd the gastrines.[1]

A few days later when they approached the Spindle, the rivermaster had Pike secure their illegal cargo below and pipe all hands on deck so that he could address them. When Poundinch realised they were in danger of being discovered by the revenue officers who were inspecting the Hogshead, Pike shot one of the scrutineers and was able to get the cromster clear after it hit the Spindle. He had Shunt bring full power to the gastrines and the Hosghead was able to flee down the River Humour. However a cannon shot fired from the Spindle killed Pike when it slammed into the tiller.[2]


His name may be a reference to the Northern pike, which is commonly known as a pike, or to a boarding pike.


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