Plume family
Gaspard Plume
Gaspard Plume
Based in Windspect Folia
Orchard Harriet
Affiliations Orchard Harriet circle
Leader Count Philemon Plume
Appearances Factotum

The Plume family are the hereditary holders of the countenancy of Windspect Folia and its manor house, Temburly Hall. The current and 25th holder of the title is Count Philemon Plume, the older brother of the mattern Gaspard Plume.

Following the death of his wife more than a decade before, the count relocated to his brother's residence, Orchard Harriet, effectively abandoning his family's traditional home although it is still maintained by a skeleton staff. As Philemon and his wife did not have any children and Gaspard is unmarried, the line is in danger of dying out.


A plume is a special type of bird feather, which often has a decorative or ornamental purpose.

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