Podious Whympre
Podious Whympre
Status Deceased
Origin Brandenbrass
Affiliations Lamplighters
Scrupulus Sicus
Rank Marshal-Subrogat
Comptroller-Master-General (brevet)
Occupations Commander of Winstermill
Deputy commander of Winstermill (former)
Relatives Whympre family
Series debut Lamplighter

Master-of-Clerks, later Marshal-Subrogat Podious Whympre (pronounced Po ' dee'us Wim ' per) served as the senior bureaucrat and second in command at Winstermill until he assumed command following the departure of the Lamplighter-Marshal. Whympre's maneuvering and scheming, while gaining for him command of the Conduit Vermis, proved to be disastrous and short-lived. His lack of military experience and underestimation of the precarious military situation facing the Wormway exacerbated the shortages caused by trained military personnel and his alliance with Honorius Ludius Grotius Swill led to his death and cutting off of the Conduit Vermis as a result of the Battle of Winstermill.




Whympre was considered the darling of the bureaucrats and clerks of Winstermill, looked up to both as a leader and as a genius of perpetual administrative reinvention.


Though utterly inexperienced as a military leader, Whympre was the epitome of a silver-tongued bureaucrat and could grovel, charm or otherwise ingratiate himself with almost anyone, even managing to win over the disgruntled soldiery of the manse after the departure of their beloved Lamplighter-Marshal, simply with promises of better food.





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